A new autonomous space in Krakow?

Tonight at 6 p.m. in Krakow group of activists announced the opening of a new autonomous space at Worcella street 8. The building,  located nerby Galeria Krakowska, have been arousing controversy for years –  now it has a chance to become a socio-cultural grassroots space. The event was accompanied by the Krakow Rhythms of Resistance, the hosts were welcoming newcomers with cake and tea, and the more patient could enjoy vegan barbecue. The police tried to stop the picnic atmosphere unsuccessfully, and as they refused some tea, intervention can be considered doubly failed.

Let us hope that the house on the street Worcella 8 will become a friendly space for the local inhabitants. Fingers crossed!

Below is the  group’s manifesto:

“The ever-increasing rents, mass evictions, narrowing the urban public space – this is the current policy of the city of Krakow. As citizens and residents, workers and students, we oppose the widening gap between the rich and the poor!

The empty buildings are our alternative to the local authorities’ antisocial policy in Krakow – for them profits are more important than people.We believe that everyone should have the right to a dignified life, that is, first of all – a roof over your head. While the empty buildings are falling into disrepair,making the urban landscape unsightly, many tenants lose their homes or barely manage to pay their increasing rents. At the same time, luxurious lofts, hotels and apartment buildings are being built, only for the rich. Poorer people are not welcome – Krakow is a city friendly only to investors and tourists.

Worcella 8, this is just one of the “ghosts” in the city center. We came to create a friendly place for local residents. With our own force, we have tried to get a forgotten building  back to life and to turn it into a space for creative action. We want to be a bottom-up cultural center, that would become a meeting point for local initiatives and the location for the library of freedom thought. This place is what we need!”

Sunt curios daca s-ar putea realiza si in Bucuresti un asemenea proiect, poate cu ceva mai multa implicare din partea stimabililor domni arhitecti, care plang pe unde apuca de cate ori mai cade cate un monument istoric.

For more information about the project, go to RECLAIM THE CITY – KRAKOW FOR RESIDENTS!